4 Significant Questions to Ask a Potential Dental Accountant

4 Significant Questions to Ask a Potential Dental Accountant

Whether you’re launching a new practice or buying an existing one, you must involve well-qualified dental accountants in San Diego. Doing this ensures you receive professional insights and opinions required to pull off a good deal.

When having a chat with a potential dental accountant concerning your practice’s financial management aspect, there’re specific questions you need to ask. Answers to these questions will give you an insight into the professional you’re about to hire and whether they’re qualified and capable of effectively handling such a position.

Examined below are four of such questions;

1.  What Are Your Qualifications?

When it comes to hiring a dental accountant in San Diego, you want to ensure that you end up with a well-qualified and certified one. They’re going to be overseeing your business financials and make significant decisions that will affect the practice in one way or the other.

An ideal dental accountant must have completed a degree-level study and undergone rigorous training and testing in the various aspects of financial management, planning, and bookkeeping, with certificates as evidence. Also, they must be registered and licensed by relevant professional and governmental bodies. Anything short of these isn’t recommended.

2.  Have You Worked with Dental Specialists Before?

In an industry like dental care, the experience is a highly essential factor to consider when choosing a dental accountant in San Diego. Its significance can’t be overemphasized. Any accounting professional you end up hiring must have worked with dentists and dental specialists in their careers. They must possess adequate knowledge and experience in the dental industry and take your practice to the next level.

Doing otherwise will put you in a situation where you’d have to devote quality time, better spent caring for your clients, to get them up to speed on the practice and what’s required of them.

3.  How Will You Add Value to My Practice?

Here’s another essential question you need to ask a potential dental account in the course of hiring. It’s pertinent to know what values they intend to add to your practice and how they plan to go about it. Asking this question will also give you an idea of how the accountant perceives their role in helping your business grow. It’ll tell you what services they would render for you, how they’ll help you save money, and safeguard your practice against bankruptcy.

4.  What Connections Are Your Bringing to My Practice?

One of the benefits of hiring a dental accountant is the relevant connections they’re likely to bring into your practice. Being professionals trained in the dental industry, they tend to possess vital information and contacts that are bound to be relevant to your business’s growth.

So, when chatting with a dental accountant in a bid to bring them into the fold, you should never forget to put this question to them. Their answers to it will give you an idea of what to expect. It would be best if you were more inclined to hire those with business contacts and connections than those who don’t.


The hiring of a dental accountant for your practice should be entirely professional and devoid of sentiments. They’ll be holding a very significant position in your business and should, therefore, be well-qualified and possess the necessary licenses and certifications.