Golf Course Marketing Ideas: A few Useful Tips to Consider

Golf Course Marketing Ideas: A few Useful Tips to Consider

If you have your golf course business set up already, the next step is to generate some revenue. For that, you’ll want to start marketing your golf course.

Marketing is a continuous act that helps you drive your business to its full potential. Ordinarily, everyone wants a fast and quick means to get things done.

Marketing is not that quick. It requires you to be religious with whatever strategy you adopt for your golf course business.

With practical revenue-generating ideas, you can create more awareness and generate more revenue at your golf course.

If your golf course is not doing so well, that doesn’t warrant you giving up. Instead, you’ll want to be creative and think outside of the box.

If the engagement at your course is low, it’s time for a change.

The following golf course marketing ideas will help you improve the overall engagement at your golf course:

Have A Website for Your Golf Course

It’s the year 2020. If your golf course doesn’t have a solid online presence, I’m sorry, but you’re far behind. Before you think of implementing other marketing ideas, consider focusing on having a website.

The internet is the best place for you to promote your brand. If you own a website already, you’ll want to revamp or re-design your golf website to attract more customers.

A dull and less-informative website will only dent your brand’s image. Consider hiring a professional web designer to construct or re-design your golf website to convert visitors to customers and golf course members later.

Feature Online Booking on Your Website

Of course, you must have a responsive website to implement this idea. Thanks to technology, many human activities have been made easier.

You must have successfully designed your website to wow every visitor. A satisfied visitor would look forward to playing at your golf course; hence, the need to book for a round of golf.

If your golf course website doesn’t feature an online booking window, you’ll lose many customers. You’ll find this golf course marketing idea beneficial and efficient.

Integrate an online booking tool on your website. Once a customer books a round of golf, he/she has no choice but to visit your course to play. No one likes to lose money after all.

Use Social Media More

The social media space is a very cheap and effective way to market your golf business. You’ll want to get a smartphone with a good camera, that’s pretty much all.

Create profiles for your golf business on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. You’ll want to update these profiles with pictures and clips of activities at your golf club.

It will also help if you tag customers or members of your golf course playing in any picture or video you upload. They will feel appreciated. It will help you retain such customers and boost your awareness on whatever platform you use.


Beyond these ideas, there are many more creative and cost-effective ways to market your golf course business.

In the meantime, you’ll want to start with the few golf course marketing ideas discussed to grow your customer base, membership base and generate more revenue.