Guide to Canadian Bison: Which Animal is Called a Bison in Canada?

Guide to Canadian Bison: Which Animal is Called a Bison in Canada?

Bison in Canada, a typical breed has survived the hunters and wildlife from being extinct and can be found at Wood buffalo national park.

The Canadian Bison is the largest mammal in North America and Canada. It is heavier and bigger than a bull. It has been estimated that around 1750 to 2250 bison live in conservation herds in Canada.

They stand tall at a height of 6 feet to the hump. Bison males are larger than females. The Bison today is termed an endangered animal.

Natural Predators Canadian Bison

Natural predators of Canadian Bison:

The Bison are very strong being wild animals. It can defeat small animals and domestic cattle species. It can fight any bull any day. But, the powerful animal can be defeated and killed by animals with claws like Wolves, Bears, Lions, and Tigers.

Still, the Canadian bison can put up a brave fight, except those who are young or very old! In some areas, legal hunting of Bison is allowed for its meat and hides.

The popularity of Bison meat:

Bison meat is much leaner than beef and is a healthier choice by most consumers. The reason is, it is having more than 28% fewer calories than beef. It is lower in total saturated fat. Due to its lower fat content, bison has finer fat marbling which gives softer and tender meat!

The taste of Bison meat:

The bison meat tastes a bit sweeter. It is lighter, coarser compared to Buffalo meat. There are many recipes worldwide cooked to perfection using bison meat. It is very lean, flavorful and tastes better than beef, and does not leave much of an aftertaste.

The famous Bison meat products:

The popular bison products are premium cuts of meat as per the industry standards. Also, the tenderloin cut to short rib, strip loin to rib eye, etc. The secret lies in offering customers custom specifications in meat and minimizing handling and waste. Thus, the value is increased in terms of quality meat. The high standards of customer expectations need to be met.

How Bison farming is conducted?

bison ranching in Canada

Bison farming has grown into a profitable business with profound sales of meat is growing day by day. The statistics provided by USDA states that the price paid by the marketers is anyway between $4.85 to $4.90 per pound since 2016 and 2017.

The land required for bison farming is anyway between 5 acres of land to 7 acres to accommodate a few fully grown bison. If one would like to conduct farming on a larger scale, then it could be around 100 to 125 acres.

Raising the Bison:

Canadian bison raising is very easier. They don’t require shelter, especially in the Canadian climate. The best way to raise the animal is to understand it fully. Their way of living and the diet requirements.

However, the bison industry is very small compared to any other cattle farming or goat farming. The meat is priced higher compared to other animals, for its low-fat content and lean quality.