Services Many Pain Clinics Provide that You Didn’t Know About

Services Many Pain Clinics Provide that You Didn’t Know About

If you want to get a pain intervention Newtown PA from a renowned clinic such as Performance Pain, you might be expecting a basic treatment for chronic pain. However, pain clinics typically offer many different types of services that you might not know about. Below, we will break down some of the services that pain clinics like Performance Pain provide that you perhaps didn’t know about!

1. Chiropractic Care

Seeing a chiropractor is something that you might have previously imagined only being possible by visiting a clinic that solely does this service. However, pain clinics also tend to have this service available. If you want to avoid an extra trip to the chiropractor, then stop by and see a pain clinic like Performance Pain! This is often a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

2. Wellness Programs

From being the best you can be at work to ensuring that you are not at risk for any sort of major problem like a heart attack, wellness programs take more initiative in your life by helping you become better for the future. Pain interventions, on the other hand, focus more on fighting the problem after it has already become an issue.

3. Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is a great idea for athletes who want to play the absolute best of their ability. With the help of a professional, there are many things you will learn in this program to help you be the best athlete you can be. Often, really great athletes just need a professional push from a doctor before they can realize their full potential.

4. Massage Therapy

Most of the people who come in for a pain intervention would be surprised to learn that massages are something that are typically offered at a pain clinic. However, when you consider the fact that massages can help provide lots of relief for things like chronic back pain, it isn’t that hard to understand why this sort of service is popular. Not to mention, it’s a great way to relax at the end of a long day!

5. Non-Invasive Procedures

If you sign up for a pain intervention in Newtown PA then you might end up receiving a non-invasive procedure. This sort of procedure is designed to be much like surgery without going under a knife or needing a long time for healing. Non-invasive procedures like stem cell therapy are often just as effective as modern surgery. Pain clinics like Performance Pain that help their patients avoid surgery often use these as an alternative to surgery.

Ready to Get a Pain Intervention?

As we explored above, a pain intervention in Newtown PA is much more than just a basic treatment for your chronic pain. If you visit a pain clinic, your services can also include other things like the ones mentioned above. If you want to get a professional pain intervention that includes options for these sorts of services, be sure to check out Performance Pain.