The Mechanisms of Steam Car Wash Detailed Information

The Mechanisms of Steam Car Wash Detailed Information

The Steam Car Wash is a state-of-the-art steam cleaning and detailing business in the US. There are plenty of companies indulged in this kind of business.

Most of them use revolutionary technology of high-pressure steam washers to clean, detail, and sanitize cars, Aircraft, Boats, Homes, Businesses, Hospitals, Kitchens, etc.

Detailing of Cars, Private Jet, etc.:

Cars get dirty on the US roads, Highways. Between the Tree Sap, Pollen, Snow, Mud, Salt, and the Abrupt Temperature changes in the country, the interior, and exterior of the car get seriously damaged. It may go up to irreversible levels. Detailing and maintaining one’s vehicle clean boosts one’s pride, enhances one’s health, and manages to retain one’s assets value. Everyone likes to ride a fresh, clean car!

The technicians are very friendly everywhere and help one choose the right service for one’s needs. If someone wants high-tech ceramic coating protection or just a quick interior detail, it is covered. IDA (International Detailing Association) certifies all steam car wash companies. So, the quality is maintained everywhere.

The services offered are given below:

  • Professional & Eco-Friendly Hand Wash
  • Premium and Express Detailing
  • Complete Interior Cleaning
  • Engine and Undercarriage Steam wash
  • Clay Bar Treatment
  • Scratch Removal
  • Paint Correction Polishing
  • Ceramic Coating Application
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Ozone Air Treatment
  • Bio Shield Germ Protection

Premium Hand Wash:

Eco Steam Wash is the most efficient and advanced water less car wash system in vogue today. It is designed to provide the best cleaning results and prevents swirls or marring of the finish and save a lot of water. Protects the environment from chemical contamination.

Eco Wash Combination:

The duration is 45 minutes

It is ideal as a maintenance wash to keep one’s car fresh and clean. It is recommended once a week.


  • Steam Wash is performed by hand with quality microfiber cloths for the best cleaning outcome and to prevent swirls and marring of the finish.
  • Windows cleaned with glass specific towels and ammonia-free products
  • Wheel faces are wiped with specific towels to avoid breaking dust contamination
  • Tires dressed with a water-based product like non-greasy
  • Muddy cars are charged extra for pre-bath with water and snow foam


  • Dash dusting with a horse hairbrush
  • A quick wipe with a damp microfiber
  • Quick vacuum around carpets and seats
  • Interior windows cleaned

Level 2 – Premium Wash

Duration: 1- 2 hours

  • Spectacular wash and quick sanitation. Hydrophobic coatings are done. Recommended once a month.


  • All services included with Level 1 plus
  • Spray wax applied by hand with a microfiber towel
  • The windshield is scraped, debugged and rain repellent applied
  • Hydrophobic booster for water beading and self-cleaning action
  • Door jambs are cleaned all around the car and trunk.
  • Wheel wells are cleaned by hand and dressed appropriately


  • All services included with Level 1 plus
  • Cup holders steam cleaned
  • Complete vacuum cleaning for all the nooks and crannies
  • All the floor mats are steam cleaned
  • Total wiping with PH balanced all-purpose cleaner
  • The door panels are cleaned with quick steam on door panels, cup holders, and seats

All window panes are cleaned