Top 5 Tips To Optimize Speed & Performance of Applications

Top 5 Tips To Optimize Speed & Performance of Applications

Laravel is the most popular and robust framework as it provides awesome scalability for small application to complex web application. Any framework success depends on so many factors, but major is performance. Since Laravel is handy with bigger complex application or large scale enterprise application, is it offering the performance what it should? Let’s discuss in detail What features Laravel offering for the speed and performance of the website and what precautions can be taken to boost up the performance.

Through Artisan command line

Laravel has awesome Inbuilt support for the Artisan command line to improve the performance. You can just five to six handy commands for this job. It will enable the caching and also impose the caching for the routes.

Use database cache through Redis

Redis is an awesome open-source which is supported by Laravel. It’s easily configured in Laravel. Redis offers exclusive benefits of the database caching over files, which can be used intellectually to boost up the performance.

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Remove unused service

Laravel offering very handy support by which you can remove unwanted services by commenting in config/app.php file with ease. Unwanted service may add overhead to the website, which makes the website slow.

Query debugging for the optimization:

Laravel has an exclusive package called Debugbar by which you can debugging queries and finding out the reasons which particular queries are taking time, and optimize it to get the best result.

Indexing on tables

After checking to debug queries as per above step, you can apply the proper indexing on each every table where queries take on the load. Proper indexing will make the query execution very fast.

Image optimization

If you are website is using a good amount of images and then make sure it should be optimized or compressed so website executed lightly and it should not hold the performance. You can also try the CDN package to cater to this need.

Minify and combine CSS and Javascript

In your Laravel projects, you should combine all CSS and Javascript files. Laravel offering a fluent API called Laravel Mix or any other package you can cater this need with ease. 

Minimize the use of plugins

Unwanted plugins make project execution slow. It increases the execution overhead. Check carefully all plugins and make sure it’s not compromising, it’s always recommended to keep Laravel plugin and services section as minimum as you can that means only install them if only you must require it.

Higher PHP and Laravel version

Make sure you have the latest PHP and Laravel version to get optimal benefits for the performance. Laravel and PHP community working hard for the performance issue, you can leverage it to boost the performance.

Dedicated server rather than shared hosting

You should select the dedicated server to compare to shared hosting to get optimal benefits of the performance.


Laravel offers an abundance of features and benefits to boost up website performance and speed. The key thing is you need to implement properly the above-said features. Using the help of experienced Best Laravel development company or hiring an expert Laravel developer you can take your website’s performance to the next level.