Cheap Forklift Training And Licence In Queensland

Cheap Forklift Training And Licence In Queensland

Are you searching for quality, cheap forklift training in the Queensland to make your career journey smooth? Do you want qualified onsite forklift trainers to make your employees professionally trained and licenced for a safe workplace?

Barclay Thomas Training is the most recognised name when it comes to training and forklift licence in the Queensland. We are fully flexible to the requirements of various industries and offer comprehensive training. It includes introducing every component of a forklift, updating the latest protocols for safety in the workplace, educating you on the various risks associated with a busy workplace, and much more.

Quality And Safety Never Compromised

At Barclay Thomas Training, we never compromise on the quality of training that has a direct influence on workplace safety. We will give you forklift training Queensland at your workplace according to your convenient hours.

Our instructors will take you through various stages of training and give you the opportunity to operate forklifts under the supervision of a licenced forklift operator. The 27-40 hours training will help you to get excellent exposure to all the areas of forklift operations. We will train you in all the types of forklifts available at your workplace.

Forklift Training Queensland

Expert Trainers, Qualified Training

We are a premier destination for forklift course in the Queensland with more than ten years of training expertise as a government certified institute. Our qualified trainers have several years of experience in forklift operations as well as training. It helps our trainers to provide custom training based on your workplace requirements.

We offer training and assessment as well as refresher training for various industries. Our training program is on par with the industrial requirements.

Hassle-Free Training And Licencing Experience

At Barclay Thomas Training, we offer a hassle-free training and licencing experience. We keep the communication as the key to our service and will work with you to ensure that your workplace is compliant per the new laws for onsite forklift training.

We offer onsite training at your workplace on Wednesday, Thursday, or Saturday, and we are fully flexible to your hours. However, training after 6pm comes with applicable surcharges. While we do not issue the licence, we will provide you with all the documentation for submitting the licence application to WHSQ.

While we help you to get the licence as early as possible, we are also the preferred choice for getting cheap forklift licence training for various Queensland businesses.