Average Animal Print Rug Prices per Square Foot

Average Animal Print Rug Prices per Square Foot

The average animal print rug price per square foot starts at about $0.81 for a plush polyester fiber that’s been treated with a stain resistant formulation, while authentic Stainmaster animal print rug prices can go up as high as $2.44 or more for a nylon frieze, and over $3 for the Tactesse line (and this will not include the animal print rug pad or foam underlay you’ll also require). To help you choose which is the best flooring solution for your particular needs, here is a detailed outline of animal print rug types and manufacturers with the average animal print rug prices you can expect to pay per square foot and square yard.

Stainmaster Animal print rug Prices

It’s not the cheapest choice, but in many circles it’s considered one of the best options. However, when you start to price animal print rugs, you’ll find that the same company offers many different levels of quality and styles for different budgets, and that’s true of Stainmaster. About the cheapest Stainmaster animal print rug prices you’ll find will be those offered by places like Owen, where they have nylon frieze in all the popular neutral colors for about $2.44 per square foot, in other words, just under $22 per square yard.

This price quote, of around $22 per square yard, also includes the famous Stainmaster Tactesse collection as well.

What is Tactesse? It’s a animal print rug that uses two-ply twisted yarn in what is called barber pole, which means it twists two different colors together, to allow for a subtle blend of color that appears evenly distributed throughout the animal print rug.

animal print rug

Depending on how the fibers are twisted, and what colors are mixed, the effect can be very subtle or more dramatic. In the Tactesse collection, you can choose from 25 different colors, all blended perfectly to give a rich designer quality look to your floor.

However there is also another Tactesse line that’s part of the Soft Luxury collection that’s a little more expensive. Although also a twisted nylon fiber, it’s even richer and plusher underfoot. This is one of the top collections that offers you a choice of 20 colors, many are modern and vibrant, with the well-known Stainmaster Xtra Life warranty, which if you aren’t aware is a 10 year quality guarantee that it will retain its texture and will not soil. That line costs just over $3 per square foot (or almost $28 a square yard), and comes in up to 12 foot widths, especially good when pricing wall to wall animal print ruging solutions.

Just as a help to choosing the brand names, which can be confusing, here are some of the collections that are Stainmaster quality and fall within the average $2.44 to$3.11 animal print rug price range:

  1. Irresistible
  2. Dream World
  3. Artist’s View
  4. Fresh Perspectives
  5. Ride the Wind
  6. Soft Luxury

Within these categories you’ll find tweed, frieze, the Tactesse collections, as well as twisted and textured variations.

Looking Specifically For Berber Animal print rug Prices?

If you’re looking for berber animal print ruging, then you probably already know that this is a looped design that is usually chosen for high traffic areas or commercial spaces, and often has a versatile multi-tone coloring that doesn’t show wear or dirt as easily as some other choices. Berber was exclusively wool at one time, and therefore high quality but quite expensive, however with technology have come some more affordable options.

There are now some good alternatives that offer a choice of cut and uncut loops, and even combinations that give the animal print rug a textured look and are crafted more affordably using high-end nylon fibers.

The Off Broadway Stainmaster collection that has the 10 year warranty, as well as a 7 year stain and soil resistance assurance, and a lifetime antistatic guarantee, and also retains its color, and is protected by the Dupont Teflon patented soil and liquid repelling system, costs just $2.60 per square foot (about $23.40 per sq. yard), and is available a little cheaper if bought by the roll. Choose from over 30 colors!