Advantages of Organic Deodorant

Advantages of Organic Deodorant

The environmentally conscious are sweeping the nation, and the trend has now surfaced in hygiene products. There are many people who are now switching to organic deodorant. This is because there are many benefits to using this product, both for people and for the environment. At, we help you make smart buying decisions.

How organic deodorant benefits people

Organic deodorant is great for people who have sensitive skin or sensitivity to various hygiene products. Because they are organic with nothing added, these products are safe and comfortable to use by those who are allergic or sensitive. However, these products are also great for the everyday person without skin sensitivity as well.

Deodorant works by eliminating the bacteria that cause odor. Sweat itself is odorless. It is the bacteria that cause the smell to occur. Most common deodorants use a variety of chemicals that act as anti-microbial agents, killing the bacteria that causes odor. Antiperspirants use chemicals such as aluminum to stop sweat from occurring and minimizing the wetness that allows the bacteria to grow. The chemicals in your deodorant can actually lead to skin irritation. In addition, it has been found that prolonged and frequent exposure of aluminum to the body can cause health problems. Antiperspirants also clog pores, which can cause other skin issues.

Organic deodorant has none of these problems, and works much the same way as traditional deodorant, in that it contains anti-microbial agents that kill bacteria thereby reducing odor under the arms. However, the agents used in organic products are not chemically based, but are all natural. This means that you do not have any risk of clogged pores, or chemicals interacting with your body to create sensitive skin.

Benefits for the Environment

Most people don’t think about the effect that their hygiene products have on the environment. They think that these products are just used on the body, so they don’t effect the environment at all. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Anything you use on your body eventually winds up in the ground. How? Because when you take a shower, it is all washed down the drain. This is one reason why organic deodorant is better for the environment.

Environmentally conscious people will also enjoy this deodorant because if it is thrown away, it is biodegradable. However, this benefit may or may not be significant depending on what the deodorant is stored in. Watch containers closely to make sure that the container itself is also biodegradable so that you have this net benefit for the environment.

Overall, one person using deodorant is not going to effect the environment very much. But when you consider the number of people washing chemicals down the drain, the effects become mind boggling. The only way to save our planet for future generations is to take heed to warnings about what we are putting into the earth. Once you switch, you will be happy that you did. You will reap the benefits of not having chemicals on your body, and you will know you are doing something for the environment. One way you can help in this endeavor is to use organic products, which you can typically buy online or in shops that offer natural, organic products.