What Should I Pack In My Hospital Bag?

Some time in your third trimester you’ll be wondering “What should I pack in my hospital bag?”. It’s a pretty standard list of things really but the earlier you get it done the better. You don’t want to be going into labour and scrabbling around to find your various bits and bobs! Imagine the stress if you have to yell at your partner between contractions to find the organic cotton babygrow and your PJs and put them in your hospital bag. Not a good start to your labour.

So here’s what I think you need in …


Your Labour Hospital Bag

  • Your Maternity Notes – Whatever else you do, don’t forget these!
  • Birth Plan – If you have a birth plan then take it with you.
  • Tens Machine – If you have one then don’t forget it. You’d be surprised how many women leave it at home.
  • Dressing Gown – Lightweight and organic cotton so nice and cool. Hospitals are always too warm.
  • Hair Bobble – Keep your hair out of your eyes and off your face
  • A Water Bottle – Sports top bottle or a straw
  • Some Snacks – Even if you don’t want them your partner will.
  • Old Nightie or T-Shirt – Highly likely it’ll get messy so don’t buy anything new.
  • Lip Balm
  • Slippers – For pacing the corridors trying to speed up labour, Some women cope better with pain walking around rather than lying on a bed.

Pop a smaller bag inside your hospital bag with things you need once the baby is born.

After the Birth Bag

  • Old Knickers – cheap and cheerful or old big knickers. Don’t pack your best skimpy lacy knickers or your favourite organic cotton ones. The more ‘Bridget Jones’ your pants are, the better.
  • Your Toiletries
  • Maternity Pads – You’ll need lots. The old-fashioned big sanitary towels are good too.
  • Nursing Bra – Organic Cotton ones are best
  • Breast Pads – I like the bamboo ones.
  • Babygrows – Organic cotton sleepsuit baby are best for a newborn baby’s skin.
  • Baby Blanket – A bamboo swaddled baby blanket or an organic cotton muslin swaddle blanket
  • Nappies – Lots of them!
  • Clothes to go Home – Something loose and comfy. You may have a Caesarean scar and even if you don’t, that tummy of yours won’t go down for a little while!

It’s probably being a bit optimistic but I’d pop a book in the bag too. You never know, you may have a bit of time to relax and read after your baby is born.. Having said that when mine were asleep in hospital I was either sleeping myself or staring at my new little bundle.

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